International English Language Centre (IELC) provides learners of English language with the most up-to-date materials

and techniques to learn Academic and General English. IELC currently runs the following courses:

1. Four level-based Academic and General English classes according to CEFR. Currently, the classes are (for both Academic and General):

1. Beginner. (Level 1) (Middle A1 and above)

2. Elementary. (Level 2) (A2)

3. Pre-intermediate.(Level 3) (B1)

4. Intermediate. (Level 4) (B2)

The duration of level-based Academic English courses are 12 weeks. Students study three days in a week (usually Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays) and ten hours in a week (120 hours in total).

The duration of level-based General English courses are 12 weeks. Students study two days in a week (usually Sundays or Mondays and Wednesdays) and eights hours a week (96 hours in total).

2. IELTS Preparation courses:

IELC runs IELTS preparation courses throughout the year in order to prepare candidate to take IELTS tests. There are two main types of IELTS preparations courses currently at the center:

A. Online IELTS Preparation course:

This is a course designed and run by the British Council. The course is very intensive and well-designed by IELTS material developers of the British Council.

B. IELTS Preparation course:

This is an in-class course taught by IELC English language lecturer who have experience in preparing students for IELTS tests. This course is technique-based, the focus of the course is more on IELTS techniques rather than learning English. Therefore, course-takers are tested before the start of the course and, as a condition, they should be at least at B1 level of CEFR in order to be enrolled into these course.

The IELC runs several sorts of test for the English language learners. Every student, unless he or she has passed a course level successfully within the previous 89 days, has to take a placement test, mostly a speaking test, in order to be put in the right class according to his/her linguistic performance and needs.

The students study a coursebook in class with qualified teachers, almost all of them hold MA in English Language and mostly with

MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. In order to make sure students make the best out of their courses, teachers use some online virtual classes for the students too. The teachers constantly check the students progress in class as well as online throughout the courses.

At the end of each level-based class, students take the final test of the level. The final tests determine whether the student can take the next level and obtain a certificate of attendance for that level or study the same level again. The final tests are designed carefully by the teachers and include reading, writing,

listening, and speaking. The speaking tests usually are done separately, even on a different date, whereas the other components

are done all together on the same day.

The classes are well-equipped with almost all the essential and cutting-edge means for learning a language. Upon successful completion of Level 4, students obtain IELC's Completion Certificate. IELC's certificate is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education of KRG and in the whole of Kurdistan Region.