You can register for taking IELTS at ELC now. Registration now is only online, you cannot register at the ECL. As a candidate you are required to register online. To register for IELTS test please click on the link below.

*You can pay online by a credit or debit card or choose pay later. If you choose to pay later, you are obliged to pay when you get confirmation email from the British Council at TBI bank within three working days. If you don't pay within three working days, your test will be cancelled and you cannot take the test on the same date and you have have to change the date of your test.

*TBI Address: Sulaimani, Chwarbax, near Sulaimani Palace Hotel.

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We constantly run IELTS preparation courses throughout year. To get the most recent tips and be familiar with the exam, register for one of our IELTS preparation courses.

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